Dogs Need Stuff!

Every dog owner and family dog needs supplies, tools and equipment to navigate our modern world. There is so much to consider for you and your dog’s comfort and safety indoors and outdoors, in play and in training. The options in all categories are as endless as the internet!

Our HTDA alliance members are working to put together some information and links to equipment and tools we find essential, practical and fun. We hope our recommendations can help you as you gear up for pup life!

To get started stop in and talk to the experts at one of our local retail speciality stores such as:

Barkers Anonymous, 401 Kanuga Road

Wag! A Unique Pet Boutique, 231 North Main Street

Pet Source, 1927 Spartanburg Highway

Petco, 118 Highland Square Drive

The Grateful Dog, 277 North Broad Street (Brevard NC)

You won’t find a shock collar at any of those stores! Instead, you will find everything you need for your dog to thrive and remain as happy, well-balanced, and cherished as she was on her first day home!

Read about Petco’s commitment to end the use of shock in dog training.

Stop the Shock: Petco Ends the Sale of Electronic “Shock” Collars

“Shock collars are misguided, antiquated, harmful equipment,” said Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, MA, PhD, a member of the PPWC and senior research fellow, adjunct associate professor and head of the Horowitz Dog Dognition Lab at Barnard College. “It’s great to see Petco taking the lead in removing this merchandise from their stores, in support of their advocacy of positive reinforcement training.”

Read the Petco corporate press release.