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The Hendersonville Dog Trainers Alliance is a local group of Positive Reinforcement (R+) dog trainers. We share a set of guiding principles in the complex field of dog training and canine behavior. Our Alliance of dog trainers and canine behavior consultants using a reward-based approach are listed below. More information about each of us can be found on our individual company websites.

We adhere to a well established guide called The Humane Hierarchy while applying Positive Reinforcement (R+) to develop desired behavior. We reject the use of shock collars and other training methods that rely on pain or intimidation. Aversive methods in dog training commonly cause additional behavior problems. Instead, we help dog owners and families choose the safest ways to achieve their training and behavior goals by teaching the dog what to do rather than punish what not to do. This family friendly approach builds a relationship of trust and mutual respect. Dog training is fun for the whole family and your dog is motivated to do well!

We invite you to explore our website, and the links included here. We provide information about current standards and best practices in dog training. You will learn how to choose a skilled dog trainer for you and your family. With our combined experience, expertise and credentials, we can help you make the best decision. We are committed to your dogs’ success—and yours!

Hendersonville Dog Trainers Alliance Members

The Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-ka, CPDT-ksa) and Certified Canine Behavior Consultant titles (CBCC-ka, CBCC-ksa) are overseen by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. The Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) title is overseen by the Karen Pryor Academy. There is a wealth of information to be explored on the websites of these organizations.

Please use care in selecting a training approach and a professional to guide you as you raise your puppy or address behavior issues in your dog. Few realize that dog training is an unregulated and unlicensed field, allowing anyone to declare themselves a dog trainer. Look for verifiable credentials, based on current education and high standards, that do not rely on methods and tools that create fear in your dog. Ask direct questions about the methods being used by any trainer you contact.

Please bookmark and follow this site as we develop this resource for you. We will be posting well-researched information and opening a Q&A forum soon! We will be looking forward to hearing your questions!

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