Care & Feeding

Foremost on the minds of dog owners everywhere is the proper care and feeding of their beloved pets. While individual needs and preferences are unique to each dog, health and happiness is of highest importance for all of us.

The ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals general dog care page has practical information covering Feeding, Exercise, Grooming, Handling, Housing, Identification, Fleas and Ticks, Medicines and Poisons, Spaying and Neutering, Vaccinations, and a Dog Supply Checklist.

If you are interested in exploring nutrition and diet choices for your dog, our alliance of professional trainers recommends Food Logic: Making smart decisions for your dog in an age of too many choices by Linda Case. This book can be found at and other outlets.

And, remember to ask your veterinarian when you have specific questions about your dog’s health!