Woof & Welcome

Woof and welcome! The Hendersonville Dog Trainers Alliance is a gathering of certified professional dog trainers (CPDT) and certified canine behavior consultants (CBCC) who have voluntarily been evaluated by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Through a rigorous process of education, experience and independent testing, dog trainers can become certified for their knowledge and skills. Certified means qualified.

We are individual and unique dog trainers bound by a set of common values and shared philosophy in the complex field of dog training and canine behavior. We adhere to a well established guide called The Humane Hierarchy and follow Least Invasive, Minimally Adverse (LIMA) methods when evaluating and training your dog.

We invite you to explore our webpage for information about what current standards and best practices in dog training are and how to choose a dog trainer for you and your family. Please use care in selecting a dog trainer for your pet. Dog training is an unregulated and unlicensed field allowing anyone to declare themselves a dog trainer. Look for verifiable credentials backed by current education and high standards that do not rely on intimidation or tools that use pain to “teach.”

Hendersonville Dog Trainers Alliance is committed to keeping our site current so that you can have reliable information. Selecting a training method and a professional to guide you as you raise your puppy or address behavior issues in your adult dog is a very personal choice. The wildly abundant sources of information available on the internet can complicate and confuse rather than clarify when making this important decision. With our combined experience, expertise and credentials, our effort is to help you make the best decision and we are committed to your dogs’ success.

Please watch this site as we develop this resource for you. We will be posting well-researched information and opening a Q&A forum soon! We will be looking forward to hearing your questions!

Below are links to the websites of the Certified Professional Dog Trainers in the Hendersonville area and their email addresses.

Certified Professional Dog Trainers in Hendersonville NC

Karen Comstock MA, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA
Aunt Karen’s Lucky Dogs



Jennifer King CPDT-KA
True Connection Canine Education



James Lyon CPDT-KA
Ilio Canine Care


Certified Professional Dog Trainers in Saluda NC

Laurie Buckley CPDT-KA
A Well-Mannered Pup, LLC