Training for Humans and Dogs

by Whitney Drake, Communications and Events Manager, Blue Ridge Humane Society

Did you know that Blue Ridge Humane Society uses LIMA training and behavior practices with the dogs in our care? LIMA stands for Least Intrusive and Minimally Aversive and it really focuses on using positive reinforcement for training purposes. What is positive reinforcement and why is it the most successful and fear-free method of training? Positive reinforcement is encouraging a desired behavior by giving a reward to condition the animal into thinking that if they perform this action they will receive something beneficial to them.

For example, you tell your dog to sit and they do, then you give them a treat and train them to relate the treat to sit on command. LIMA does not encourage punishment because it can lead to long-term harmful effects on animals. When fear is used as the motivator, the animal can negatively associate the desired behavior, causing the behavior to worsen. The animal will also begin to relate the person doing the punishment to their fear and anxiety creating a negative association. Have more questions about behavior? Email or click this link to apply to see more pet care and training tips from Blue Ridge Humane Society!

Thanks Whitney!

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