Dog Walking in the Woods

I was just getting ready to take a walk on a woodland trail with my two dogs. My dogs can sometimes be off leash. Other times, it is far safer to have them leashed. In fact, even though I do adore the sense of freedom and accomplishment seeing my dogs run free….

Amid the many forest delights, there are also dangers in the woods. Villians such as Ticks and Poison Ivy abound. Underbrush can be tricky to navigate causing scrapes and skin irritation This is habitat for briars and snakes!

I always carry a comb to remove prickers, sticky plants, even ticks! And tweezers to remove a thorn-in-the-paw. After the walk, it is important to wipe your dog down to remove any hitchhikers.

This time of year it is important to watch the sky as well as where you are walking. Thunderstorms can come up fast and be fierce. If your dog is off leash s/he may bolt. More than any other hazard in the wilderness, if your dog is spooked by a sudden thunderclap or finds an animal to chase…. you may have a major recovery effort on your hands.

If an area is not fenced….. keep your dogs leashed. Not tight, but safe!

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